Friday, May 22, 2015

Fourth of July Rockets!

My friend that I craft with most loves rockets. She saw some at the store but they were very overpriced, so I made a few rockets for her. For the rockets I used toilet paper rolls and covered them in patterned patriotic paper. The tops I cut out a circle, then cut out a triangle from that, rolled them into cone shapes and glued them on top. The fringe I cut at 6 inches and combined them together then glued them to the inside of the toilet paper roll. I also cut a few circles to fit in the inside bottom with a hole in the center. This allowed me to later glue the paper covered wooden sticks in the center of the rocket.

  The cylinder I made out of  chipboard. I wanted to have something that the rockets were being shot out of. I cut it 8 inches high and 14 inches long. I scored one inch lines. Then I dry brushed it white. Don't put the paint directly onto the chipboard or it will get too wet. I cut strips and glued them on. I punched holes on both ends and attached used brads. Punched out some stars and glued them on. The larger stars I used pop ups. 

 On the inside of the cylinder I glued on three more toilet paper rolls. The will hold the rockets without hitting the sides. I placed the rockets in, glued them in place then added some red raffia. 
I cut out some flags from my patterned paper and glued them onto sticks. Then I made an embellishment out of thin wood that I covered in paper and wrapped some red, white and blue wire around the stick. There is a bottom to it as well that I had cut out of chipboard so it sits well. 
The paper pack I used was Doodlebug Design Stars and Stripes 6x6.
I also bought a few of the 12 x 12 sheets for the larger design on the words and the flags.

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Crafin!!!

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