Sunday, March 8, 2015

Craft Room Decor

I am nearly done organizing my things now in my redone craft room so now I am starting to add some decorations. One of the things that I read when redoing your craft room is to surround yourself with things you love when you add decor. I love, love, love flowers. They are just about my favorite thing on this earth. 
My husband brought this green tin home that someone from his work was going to throw out, he thought I would be able to make something out of it. Here is what I did.....

I loved the color and it works well in my new craft room so I wanted to fill it with big colorful flowers. The bin is deep so I didn't want to buy flower foam as it would be pretty expensive so I decided to cut out some chipboard and put holes in it to hold the flowers. The bottom measured at 15 inches. The top was 18 inches. I decided to add one inch to the bottom measurement. 

Tracing the bin at the bottom, then I made 1 inch marks a few inches apart all around the edge. Connect the dots, then cut out.

From here I laid the tracing onto my chipboard and did an outline of it and cut this out using just plain scissors.
I did this because I thought this way I would be able to use as little of the chipboard as possible so I could use the scraps somewhere else. You can also use white board, foam board or cardboard.

  Once cut out I just made sure it fit nicely in the bin. It does not have to be perfect.  
I punched holes in the board using a combination of a punch and an ice pick. Its a great tool with a lot of uses.

 Now you are ready to put something in the bottom of the bin. You can use a wide variety of materials. You want to be sure the flower stems will be able to go through whatever you use. Part of my reorganizing this year is using materials I already have, so I dug into my stash and thought this would work great. 

Then just put your punched out board on top and start adding your flowers. 

Here is my finished flower bin. 
Now I am certainly not a flower arranging pro, but I added what I liked until I was happy with it 
and placed it on top of my bookshelf. Since it was high up I added feet on the bottom just in the back which makes it tilt forward a little bit. 

 Thank you for stopping by and Happy Crafting my friends!!

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