Friday, February 13, 2015

Clear Stamp Storage

Don't you just love clear stamps?? While I have been redoing my craft room, I have found, I really, really love clear stamps. I found a little bit everywhere! Stamps I hadn't seen in a very long time. So I decided to find a solution for these. 

Last week I showed you my wood stamp storage solution. This week I finished putting all my clear stamps into the Inque Boutique stamp keepers. I have found them in two sizes, 8 1/2 x 11 and 12x12.

Since I am using the 12x12 I bought two 12x12 Project Life binders to put these in. You could use any binder or album but I do suggest using a D ring for these.7 stamp keeper storage packs can fit comfortably into the binder. I have 6 in one and 7 in the other. 

I really have liked how all my stamps are in one area now, they are all in a small storage area, they aren't sitting on top of each other getting squished, I can view them all at once, they are safe from dust and pet hair flying, and they are easy to get to/view/use/put away.  

The amount of stamps that you can fit into each one depends on the size, I have mostly med to small in my collection. Only a few real large ones. I am averaging about 35-50 stamps per stamp keeper. So that means I have around 550 clear stamps. oh my!! I certainly didn't realize I had that many. Its amazing what we find we have once we start organizing isn't it?? :)

If you like you can put a piece of white paper behind one layer of stamps and have two layers of stamps in one keeper. If you are using thicker stamps this won't work.

The foam or cling stamps also keep very well in these containers. I do not have photos of these here but I do have some in these.

Thank you for visiting! Happy Stamping my friends!! :)

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