Sunday, January 18, 2015

Easter Eggs

I'm using paper mache eggs for my Easter decor this year. I have never decorated paper mache eggs before. I'm going to try a few new things as I go. My plan is to decorate 12 eggs, 4 sets of 3 of a kind. I finished my first set this week. 
I had so much fun on these. I first primed the eggs then painted them using Martha Stewart pearl paints, Champagne and Mother of pearl, added ribbon and embellishments.
In making the clay impression I simply pressed a cross stamp into the clay. I formed it on the egg after it was partially dry but still manipulable. Once molded I let it dry before gluing it onto the egg. I then painted the cross portion using the Mother of pearl. I purposely let it crack and filled those in using brown acrylic paint and rubbing it off leaving the cracks filled trying to get an aged feel. I then covered the remainder of the clay and the front portion of the egg using the color, Champagne. The sparkle around the cross is Ice Stickles, Platinum glitter glue. (love the ice colors)
The polka dots are brads. I used a paper flower for both ends painted with Mother of pearl. Holding it on at the bottom is a furniture tack while on the top I used metal flowers with two amber beads and a jewelry pin. Threaded with string and tied at the end. All the metal I had painted using Champagne.
Definitely not the typical colors for Easter but I really wanted something different this time. I hope you like them. I am working on the rest and have a lot done on those so far. I am trying something new on each one of them. 

Thank you for visiting and Happy Crafting!

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