Monday, July 30, 2012

Frames using Tim Holtz tissue wrap

I got the frames unfinished at Micheal's I think around $3 each. I used mod podge to glue down the tissue wrap, then inked it, used some distress stickles, then sealed it with acrylic sealer. Finally I added a few of Tim Holtz embellishments. 
From top to bottom on the left we have Cookie, Chester, Herbie. On the right is Mama (with babies), Button, and Rumble. The ones on the right are all feral cats we fixed and re-released, in our back yard...LOL, The ones on the left are kittens from those that we didn't find homes for and decided to keep. I am NOT the crazy cat lady, that title goes to my neighbor...hahaha Together we try to save the cats that their owners left behind by fixing them and re-releasing rather than killing them.

1 comment:

  1. These frames are amazing! You do such beautiful work:) Don't worry I don't think you're a crazy cat lady, LOL!
    Hey, we need to get back in touch more often - miss you!