Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cricut Handbook Storage

I made the drawer out of cardboard and covered with scrapbook paper. My room colors are pink/green/white so I made this to blend in.This holds 55 handbooks comfortably. I am still able to get my hand inbetween each book. I have them all alphabetized.
It is fitting into an IKEA leg for a desk. It has an adjustable shelf. On the bottom I keep all my photo paper and current scrapbook projects along with my MS scorer. I didn't really use the top for much so I decided to make this fun drawer for my handbooks.


  1. Super cool! It looks awesome & functional too :) Love your colors!

    {{Hugs}} Candice

  2. Looks wonderful, my friend. Your room is so delightful - I'm pink, white, and green with envy. Storing booklets is always a challenge because I like to keep them close at hand. I hope your Christmas will be wonderful. We are enjoying our time with Aly - very cold and hoping we'll find clear weather when we head for home.
    Many Christmas hugs,