Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pom Pom Ice Cream Cone

I got the idea to use this after seeing a video on on how to make PomPoms. I haven't made these for so long I needed to watch the The ones I saw her make were so soft and fluffy it reminded me of ice cream. After a few trys at making this PomPom I finally got it the right size. I wrapped the yarn around two fingers and then cut it down almost half of what the origional size was. It won't be able to go in the mail unless in a small box, but I will more than likely give it to my neice for her Birthday in Spring.


  1. Just found your adorable blog and am now a follower! Looking forward to checking it out some more. :-)

    CUTE card! Love the icecream cone! :-)

  2. Adorable!! I think I may remember how to make these from when I was a a kid, but I may have to search out joy's tutorial to refresh my memory.