Thursday, February 4, 2016

Organizing Weeks 1-4

The first few weeks of the organization course was deciding how you wanted your space, what you wanted to surround yourself with and do an inventory of what you have. 
From the inventory printout of all items you then decide which areas were the problem areas and which areas needed a quick clean or reorganize. The printout helps go through this process fairly quickly. 
The first area I started on was my drawers. These two Alex units I have had for several years and they worked great for me but they were getting a little stuffed and I needed to go through and get rid of what I wasn't using and organize what I did use.

 This is a front pic of the Alex Drawer from Ikea after I was finished. 
Below are some pics of each drawer.
 I have two units and the left top has all my brads and tiny beads. The right are all my Cricut cartridges. I made dividers in the tray I have them in stored in alphabetical order so they are easy to find and quick to put away.
 I have trays I purchased from a jewelry supply store that were inexpensive and fit very well. The smaller ones can fit on top of the larger so you may move them for easy access. 
More brads, eyelets and tiny embellishments on the left, the right are my stamp pads, daubers 
and wax paper sheets. 
All the trays, inserts and round plastic containers I got at the below link in under Jewelry trays. From there you will find all the different sizes, the inserts and containers.
 Here I have some medium sized embellishments and to the left my stamp pads. I have these organized by type of stamp and I made a reference chart that I sit on top of the tray. I numbered the charts and the trays so I always know which goes where. The colors are also named on the chart. This way I can bring the chart to my project and coordinate the colors I need, then grab my stamp pads.
These trays are a little larger on the left so I have some larger embellishments and on the right are all my glitters, embossing powders, perfect pearls and stamp cleaning pads. 
Chalks, brushes, magnets, bags and rub on tape are stored here and to the right are all my flowers. The flower drawer was one of my more difficult ones to organize. I have them separated by style and brand. I take my flowers out of the packages and will put the smaller ones in small baggies. This way I am able to store more in a smaller space. These used to take up nearly two drawers and it was very time consuming to find what I needed. What I have done here has made it much easier and faster to find what I need. 
All my Chipboard is here, letters, shapes, and sets, all of it with the exception of my 12 x 12 sheets. Those are in the neighboring cubes. The last drawer to the right has most of my ribbon. The larger is again in the neighboring cubes which as I use these in the drawer up will be placed here. I have put myself on a ribbon purchase restriction for now. :) I found these ribbon holders many years ago at a scrapbook expo. You can still find them there or get them online. 
 I place my two Cricuts on top. I love these cabinets for them because they are on wheels. I don't have to move the Cricuts everytime I use them to prevent the mat from hitting the back, I just roll them out a bit. Very easy. 
Thank you for visiting and Happy Organizing! :)

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