Sunday, February 7, 2016

6x6 Paper Organized

Paper, paper, paper! I'm addicted to all the pretty patterns and colors. But I had a lot of it, everywhere! It was taking me over I had so much. So when it came to organizing paper, it was quite overwhelming to me. I decided to start with my 6x6 paper packs first. 

Now during the first month one of the things I did was move most everything to one area. Paper, Dies, Stamps and so on. 
This way I could see how much of everything I had to go through, donate or keep and finally get to the organizing.
I'd emptied many boxes and this one I found
held the packs very nicely.
This box measures inside 12 3/4 wide, 8 5/8 deep and 6 1/2 inches tall. You can pick these up at Michael's, they always have a wide range of decorated boxes.
This tiny box ended up holding 52 paper packs and as you can see I could probably squeeze a few more in there but it would make it difficult to view what I had if I overstuffed it. 
For now I am on paper pack buying restriction. :) I will only buy a new one if I have used one up. 

 I used some scrap chipboard pieces as a divider or place holder whenever I take a paper pack out so I know where to put it back when I'm done. It makes it much easier to keep them organized this way. I have them organized by brand then holiday and or season. 
When I am done I just lay the chipboard on top of the paper and throw the lid on. I have a few more of these placed behind the back row of paper for when I am pulling multiple paper packs. Very easy to keep organized. 

Thank you for visiting!
Happy Organizing!

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