Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wooden Stamp Storage

I have been searching and searching for a solution for storing my wooden stamps.I think I have tried everything that I have found on wood stamp storage but nothing really worked for me. I saw these and thought I would give them a try and I think I am in love!

These are letter trays. They have cork lined on each tray. The cork holds your stamps so when you pull the trays out to view your supply they stay put without sliding around. These are metal and just snap together. I would not want to put heavy items on top of the unit however the trays are very strong and sturdy so these will hold the weight of your stamps very well. These two units are holding 151 (sizes vary between small to large) wooden stamps and one shelf has 43 foam stamps, these are smaller though. So these are holding nearly 200 stamps. 

The trays slide completely out. This is nice so that you may take your tray to your workstation. You can also pull them out to just about the end while you view your collection. The trays will not fall out, they will hold steady while viewing them. 

There are four trays and a space at the bottom which you may add your own tray or put supplies.

I decided to use a wooden canvas (looks rather like a lid for a box) that is normally used to hang your painted or decoupaged image on. I just turned it upside down and used it as another tray but this more acts as a drawer. I placed my blocks for clear stamps on one and the other holds my stamp cleaning pads. Later I will paint the wooden tray and add a handle.


I took the tray out of the shelf so you could see it entirely. 
It measures about 10x13x13. I found this at Ikea. They are $20 a piece and the exact measurements are listed on their site. These also fit nicely into a cube on the Expedit.

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  1. Looks like this would serve me well. I couldn't figure out where to purchase them, and if the letter trays and cabinet were separate. If you could post purchasing information I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks