Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Tags

Why is it we feel like we have a handle on time during the holidays and then all of a sudden
BAM its right there and you still have so much to
I am just now getting packages wrapped and while doing so I made these tags using the Imagine.
The project literally took me no more than 5 min tops. So easy and fast!

The tags were made from the Imagine Santa's Village cart.

Tags were made from single image sizing it at fit to page.

Took the remaining white paper off,
then I placed them directly into the
xyron create a sticker machine.

The smaller ones fit two at a time
and the larger ones fit perfectly.

Now they are all ready to put on the packages.
Love how easy this was...oh and did I mention FAST! :)

Thanks for stopping by during this busy week. :)


  1. I never think I want the Imagine until I see the neat things you come up with! These are just so terrific.
    Have a wonderful Christmas. I think I'm ready - we just have grocery shopping left to do. Of course, Aly wants all the food we've always had - only there's only 3 of us!!!

  2. Caprice these are fabulous!! You keep making me want the I more & more, LOL! I love how nicely they all fit in the Xyron too:)

    Merry Christmas! Hugs, Candice