Monday, October 17, 2011

My Craft Room

Entrance to my craft room
I've had such a wonderful response from all of you regarding my craft room I wanted to edit this and give you a few more details.
The little cubby I call the princess lookout tower, yes I am in my 40's but who
This is my tower of cubes...haha. I got these so cheap at Michaels. The secret with these is to go to Michaels during a Black Friday sale, don't worry about be the very first allthough you should be there the first hour..everyone else is running to the cricut carts/supplys.
I ended up getting these 80% off the regular price. Its been two years since that glorious day and I am still smiling over that sale. Last year I think they ended being about 70% but GO! GO! GO! :)
This cabinet is the most expensive pieces I got at IKEA, but it holds soooo much. Its also a bit heavy which makes it nice and sturdy for your heavier items. I don't see this particular one on the IKEA website, but that doesn't mean its not there. They do have a lot of new items that are similar. This was about $200.
The shelves I got at Home Depot on sale for about $10 each on sale. I buy nothing unless its a good sale. I went there to buy the wood to make my own, but found these instead.

These units are called the Alex unit found at Ikea. These are the best! $119, they are on wheels and I love, love, love these! They hold all of my small little craft helpers. Ink, ribbon, chalks, buttons, stamps, brads, everything small that I have a lot of I throw in here.

The little cases I put all my really small items such as eyelets, brads, buttons, and so on I put into little containers I bought from a jewelry supply store. Super cheap, between a $1 - around $7 per tray/insert/containers(which come in a pack). Again, having a sale... :)
The containers I put in here I have categorized into specific items. One has my heat gun, ribbon iron, bling heat tool. Another has all my sizzix embossing folders, another has all my clay/clay tools/cutters, and so forth. Got them at Joannes, around $5 each. Yes, you guessed it, they had a SALE... lol.
On the top shelf are my cards I keep in CTMH containers, my embossing machines except for my big shot which I keep on top as you can see in the next pic.
This side has a lot of my paper and items I am currently working on. My punches, I am very selective on these as I don't like spending so much. If I can't find it on the cricut I will buy a punch, or if its a shape I use a lot of. Also I love the border punches. A few cutters as well, which by the way if you see this blue cutter on Provo Crafts site, I think its about $20 (not positive), but you should get it. I strongly recommend this cutter. If you have little ones around, the blades are very safe and it cuts beautifully. You will normally see this come with the YourStory, however now they have it for individual sale as well.
And here is where all the craftin happens.
 There are two desks here and three units all combined were less than $250.
I had a craft room prior to this that had a lot of old furniture from family or stuff from around that house that we were going to get rid of and I loved that one too. I really feel its not what furniture you have in a craft room, but how you have it organized. I am an organizing nut!!! My spices in my kitchen are even categorized. :)
The drawers under my desk here hold cutters I use for quick cuts, all my glitter (I use this all the time), all fabric paint, stamp cleaner, my cricut carts and bottom drawer is a revolving drawer of scraps. I also have hung underneath all my rulers and long tools I use often.
Thank you for looking at my craft space, I have loved all your comments and hope you have enjoyed stopping by.
Take care my crafting buddies!! :)


  1. Okay, I'm so jealous I can't stand it! This room is fabulous and I love the new blog. Hope to get together with you soon.

  2. What a gorgeous craft room. I'm afraid all my storage things are yard sale finds or something that I had my husband make which are nice but nothing matches like every thing in your room. Though I am thrilled to have what I have!
    Congratulations on making a great room.

  3. I'm so happy to find your blog. I love reading about and looking at people's craft rooms to get ideas. Yours is great!! Thanks for sharing, Tracey

  4. OMG! I am in "craft heaven"!!! I'm movin' in! LOL What a gorgeous craft space! Mine is all a mish-mash! (but I still love my "lair")

    If you dare to look, you can see it at:-

    LOVE those drawers! I wish we had an IKEA!

  5. Love - Love - Love your craft room.... I am green with envy! Love all the drawers and everything looks so bright and cheery.... can I come over and play?

  6. Wow, now that's a craft room!! I'm super jealous! It looks fantastic!

  7. Wonderful! Your craft room look like heaven on earth :)

  8. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the ground! LOL! Oh my goodness, that is one AMAZING craftroom. If I had a room like that, I would never leave. You are one lucky girl, that's for sure! ;)

  9. I love your craft room wish mine was like yours

  10. OMGosh!! I am Cricut Green with envy, LOL=) Your space is breathtaking, you must have so much fun in there!

  11. your Craft Room Is beautiful.. I saw it the other day and something that caught my eyes is what brought me back and hoping you would take me under your wing and help me please... I love your room and im more in love with the covers you have on the machines did you make them? I have been trying to get a acct and sign in to talk with yall but cant seem to get it to work please help me ide love to join yall wonderful cricut ohana (family) My email is you find it in your heart to take me under your wings

  12. Just found your gorgeous room via Pinterest. I love the Ikea wide drawers, so useful. Thank you for your inspiration.

  13. I too was wondering about your covers. Did you make them?

  14. I need you to come to my house and reorganize and redecorate my craft room ;)

  15. Wonderful use of space! This would be the room of my crafting dreams!

  16. What a fantastic craft room you have, I also have my 'den' but can't seem to keep it tidy for long as I need storage like you have so I can see a trip to Ikea coming up soon!! Thank you for sharing xx

  17. I think I will be using small drawers in my space too.